Roimetro MFJ-870 1.8-60MHz, 3000W




MFJ Grandmaster SWR/Power meters are the Cadillacs of ham radio! If you simply will not settle for less than the best accuracy and precision these MFJ GrandMasters are for you. You get a large 3.25×1.25 inch precision illuminated meter for easy wide-angle viewing. A highly visible black and red meter scale on a bright white background makes it quick and easy to read SWR, forward or reflected power. Meter lamp requires 13.8 VDC or 110 VAC. Power pigtail included for wiring. A functional and simple front panel layout lets you select power ranges, bands or make SWR readings intuitively. The GrandMaster series feature an SWR scale that expands the full view of the meter 3:1 SWR is centered at mid-scale to give you precision and wide-range measurements. All GrandMaster feature peak and average, forward and reflected power readings and have selectable power ranges. each GrandMaster is housed in an all metal cabinet with rubber feet and protected by durable speckled black paint. A designer injection molded grey front panel perfectly matches any transceiver.  Air dielectric SO-239 connectors with gold plated center pins gives superb performance to beyond 525MHz.  All GrandMaster Meters are precisely factor calibrated for accurate measurements. MFJ-870 HF SWR/Power Meter. Covers 1.6 – 60 MHz. 30, 300, 3000 Watt power ranges. MFJ GrandMasters MFJ-870 HF, covers 1.6 to 60 MHz. 30, 300, 3000 Watt power ranges MFJ-872 HF/VHF, covers 1.8 to 200 MHz. 5, 20, 200Wpower ranges MFJ-873 VHF/UHF, covers 125-525 MHz. 5, 20, 200Wpower ranges MFJ-874 HF/VHF/UHF, covers 1.8-525 MHz. 5, 20, 200Wpower ranges.